Reports, Speeches, Podcasts and Webinars

Here are the public deliverables from my work (well, some is gated) with various business partners and clients. Other work is for internal-use only though – each Vendor Selection Matrix™ report generates at least one strategy workshop with a vendor (on positioning, trends, or competition), and I also do “ghost writing” of blogs for clients.

Report with Business Partner B2B Marketing: Digital Marketing Changes Campaign Execution June 2021

Keynote interview for client Censhare on content marketing and management June 2021

Webinar on ABM for client Jabmo July 2021

Blog interview with client Demandbase about ABM report May 2021

Report with Business Partner B2B Marketing: Marketing Operations Mar 2021

Panel webinar on sales enablement with client Evalueserve Mar 2021

Blog about TCMA for client Impartner Mar 2021

2021 Vendor Selection Matrix™ Reports with Business Partner Research in Action

Report with Business Partner B2B Marketing: ABM-Diving Deeper Nov 2020

Report for client DecisionLink: 2021 Predictions for Sales Leaders Nov 2020

Report for client DecisionLink: ServiceNow Case Study  Link to Report Oct 2020

Commissioned Report with Business Partner B2B Marketing: Benchmarking Your B2B Marketing Organisation Sep 2020 Link to Report

2020 Vendor Selection Matrix™ Reports with Business Partner Research in Action

Webinar w/ DecisionLink on Value Management Aug 2020 Link to Webinar

Panel: The Future of Digital Business with Creatio Aug 2020 Link to Video

Webinar w/ Impartner : Partner Management Post COVID-19 July 2020 Link to Webinar

Sales Enablement Webinar July 2020 Link to Webinar

Commisioned Report: Value Management and Saas June 2020 Link to Report

Commisioned Report: What COVID-19 means for B2B Marketing May 2020 Link to Report

Podcast with B2B Marketing Guidebook May 2020 Link to Podcast

Keynote for GetStacked virtual event Apr 2020 Link to Stream

Evolvers Podcast on Sales Enablement Mar 2020 Link to Podcast

Partner Enablement Webinar Jan 2020 Link to Webinar

Sales EnablementPRO interview Dec 11th, 2019  Link to Podcast

About Research in Action Nov, 2019  English Webinar  German Webinar

Digital Asset Management Webinar Oct 30th, 2019  Link to Webinar

Account-Based Marketing Webinar Oct 22nd, 2019  Link to Webinar

Sales Engagement Management Webinar Oct 24th, 2019  Link to Webinar

Enjoyed presenting a Masterclass at the Online Marketers Rockstars Festival in April in Hamburg.  Link to Event Site

In this 2018 podcast, I explain the Vendor Selection Matrix research process (part of a longer interview published by my friends at  Click below.

I also explain the Vendor Selection Matrix research process (in German) in this Marconomy podcast. Link to Podcast Article

Press Articles on MarTech Advisor Website

Sales Engagement Management – about to cross the chasm?  Link to Article

The Brand Content Management vendor landscape. Link to Article

How to research Marketing Lead Management vendors.  Link to Article

Press Articles (in German) on Marconomy Website

Marketing spielt eine zunehmend aktive Rolle in Sales Enablement. Article.

Warum ein Brand Content Management Lösung?  Link to Article

Die Auswahl eines passenden Lead Management Lösung Link to Article

Webinar with software vendor Showpad: “The Next-Generation B2B Seller”

A new sales paradigm is shifting the role and focus of B2B marketers. The marketing/sales balance of customer interaction edges towards the former; the collection and sharing of customer intelligence are now key, and the integration of marketing and sales enablement technologies is mission critical. In this presentation, I discuss these changes and lay out a plan for ensuring optimal effectiveness for next-generation sales teams. Spoiler alert: on minute 47, the hotel where I was staying at the time was struck by lightning and I cut out, but I come back on 3 minutes later. —   Goto Webinar

Press Releases for Vendor Selection Matrix reports

Mar. 2019 – Sales Engagement Management market explodes as businesses seek to enable their sellers with digital content and empowerment.

Dec. 2018 – Three-Quarters of companies globally need a new system to support their brand content management marketing process.

Oct. 2018 – Lead Management Software Market ignited by digital transformation projects. Vendors respond with an M&A scramble causing brand confusion.